In case you might not have seen the "how dare they do this??" posts and articles in the media today. Apple are putting up prices for apps in the UK app store. What was once 79p will now be 99p - which is basically a dollar to pound comparison.

There are plenty of other blogs you can read if you want to talk about why this has happened (spoiler alert - they all mention Brexit)

I want to quickly mention that this is EXCELLENT news for you if you have an app with Firewalker Apps (and if you haven't, by all means get yourself a free demo)

Every, single, time that app prices have risen (happened twice in Australia, and many times around Europe) people have downloaded more free apps. Not the same amount of apps they were downloading before, but MORE apps. 

This is why I always, always, always recommend that your app is free - to reduce the friction between your prospects/clients and your awesome app content. 

So everytime you see that app prices have risen - take advantage and promote your app with the big words "FREE" on there!!!