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Mobile app for your business

Downloaded to your customer’s phones in just one click.

We create, publish and launch your app in the apple app store and the google play store. Your customers simply type in the name of your business and then tap the “Free” button to install on their phones (in the same way that you would install any app from the app store, like Angry Birds or the facebook app). Once the mobile app for your business is on a customer’s phone they will have all the features and promotions your business offers just an icon away. One tap, and they’ll be in your world.

Notify your customers about your latest offers, special deals or inspire interaction!

Sliding your message can lead customers to any part of your app. Even advertisements for any affiliated businesses.

Schedule PUSH messages in advance. You can even specify to send messages by geography.

We've partnered with iTunes to bring you all the preview tracks in the store. So you just type in the title of the track and the preview appears in your app.

Earn money every time someone clicks and buys with affiliate links.

Upload your own tracks / mixes to the app for users to listen to. Great for your own audio boos or for DJ's remixes.

You control the coupon card so you can adjust offers as you like.

You create and edit the STAMP PASSWORD whenever you want so that your offers are always secure.

Loyalty Cards are a proven way of increasing business. Your app can have as many as you want and are very easily created and controlled by you - at anytime.

You control the prices and you decide the deposit. Payments can be made with google wallet or Paypal.

The booking system allows you to dictate how many sessions a day are allowed and stops double booking. You are notified via control panel or google calendar of new bookings.

Users can book when its convenient for them and without having to speak to an operator.

Tapping this button calculates the journey from the user's location to your business - Then guides them to you.

One-touch calling means no phone numbers need to be remembered AND you can change numbers invisibly, without the user ever knowing.

All the hard work you've already put into your website is included in your app. No address to remember, simply tap and explore.

No email addresses to remember or confuse. One tap and an email is prepared and ready for using.

Upload your PDF and it is instantly changed on the app server. Great for the latest menu, brochure or list of services. When you want to update with new offerings or prices its super-easy.

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