An example of an app microsote

An example of an app microsote

Once your app is live -

Promote your app with a quick microsite - Great for giving people a quick overview! 

An example of a great microsite is path -

Notice that what this site does well is to cleanly outline what the app does without making you scroll too much. I would say that one improvement path could make it to have a larger button leading to the app download, especially at the bottom of the page.

"But Michael!" I hear you cry - "do you have any idea how busy I am? I would love to be making sites left right and centre but I have my social media, webpage, clients and prospects to worry about! Where do you think I can find time to make an app???"

Worry not!

There are a few ways to make quick webpages but one of the QUICKEST is adobe spark.

if you're a big business then of course you probably have the resources to get a professional microsite done.

If you're a one man army - spark is a great. You can make a quick site in about 15 mins. A good site in about 30 mins.