How are you growing your business?

If you’ve ever met one of our team here at Firewalker Apps, you’ll know that we’re fanatical about getting small businesses the same power and presence that the giants have and using apps for insane levels of customer loyalty! (Ask us “why do you care so much about that?” to discover the history of the company). And some interesting research has been released regarding customer loyalty. Research done by LocalVox shows that:

82% of small to medium business owners depend on customer loyalty as their mainsource of business growth.
— LocalVox

Let me throw some names at you:

  • Starbucks
  • Subway
  • Dominoes
  • and (my favourite) Nandos!

Here are four big names in the food industry that have grown incredibly and are using apps for insane levels of customer loyalty! They have joined the app movement, and are seeing huge revenues as a result. Starbucks have always been progressive in their strategy to get customer loyalty. They were one of the first to really get loyalty stamp cards out of supermarkets and onto the register at small establishments. – Now they’re everywhere. Nandos too, have moved from the success of their loyalty cards to integrated apps and digital loyalty cards

Nandoes app brings in big business

More mobile features than ever

Actually, the apps for these huge multinational companies have features that grow the business. These features are easy and convenient for their customers. Features like:

  • Place orders and pay through their app
  • Collect rewards points and incentives
  • Get simple customer service
  • Location-based offers

In addition, coupons delivered on mobile devices have 10x the redemption rate of traditional coupons. Probably because customers don’t need to carry a paper stamp card around with them – with a smartphone app a loyalty card is always on them. With mobile apps, customer loyalty can increase drastically with a very small investment.

Due to the boom in the mobile industry, customers now expect certain features & offers from the brands they like. Digital marketing specialist Latitude recently published figures showing that customers have a better experience with businesses that offer a mobile-friendly experience. 61% of customers feel this way, in fact.

Some important figures

  • 60% of customers search for local businesses on their mobile device
  • 70% of searches on mobile result in direct-action within 60 minutes (research by Social Media Today)
  • 82% of small-medium business owners rely on customer loyalty as their main source of business growth.
  • Companies with a mobile app are seeing increased results for very little investment

So why doesn’t everyone have an app then?

Because in the past, making an app was costly and time consuming! It was a lengthy process which required working knowledge of HTML, and a programming language just to make a webpage let alone an app! The costs were huge. Thousands of dollars/pounds just to publish and a crazy “lets call the app designer” approach to making changes to the app.

Using an app for insane levels of customer loyalty

Not anymore – now updating your app is as easy as updating Facebook

And this is what Firewalker apps is all about. We want you to be able to be using apps for insane levels of customer loyalty! We believe that you deserve all the business-growing benefits of having an app without the huge cost, the painful setup or the complication of development. Which is exactly why we give you a completely free demo – just to show you how easy it all is!

Using apps for insane levels of customer loyalty!

The truth is, that however you get a smartphone app, the positive results and business growth with dwarf any fears you have about costs or setup. Apps aren’t one of those “wishy-washy” forms of marketing where the results are unclear (how many times have you heard “it helps your brand recognition” and wondered when brand recognition will turn into profit?). You know when an app is working because a customer will return to use a voucher, or stamp their loyalty card, or book and appointment.