Business-building features published for iPhone, iPad and Android Platforms


Location Aware

Gone are the days of merely showing your customers where you are on a map. With an app you can give customers turn by turn directions to wherever you are – literally leading them to your door. You can even include the ability to help customers with their parking! Having the power to know where your customers are means that comments can be logged by location, and you can even reward customers with location-based vouchers.

Customer Loyalty

Turn customers into raving fans by allowing them to earn points for frequent visits and purchases. Location checkins and QR code scanner means you can re-enforce positive behaviour with points and rewards, – leading to increase purchases and customer loyalty. (watch our video below to learn more about the power of in-app coupons!)

More Sales, More Bookings

Smartphone users trust apps a lot more than mobile websites. The reason? Apps are faster, easier and more secure. With an app for your business you can give customers the ability to search, view and purchase items from any smartphone. You can also give customers the capability to make bookings direct from your app! you create the timeslots and number of timeslots available so there’s never any over-booking.

Socially Integrated

Now your customers don’t have to visit your Facebook, Twitter, linked In and other social media to get your whole online story because your app can integrate and bring “in” all your social media feeds. All your Youtube videos are displayed beautifully in the app and you can upload unlimited photos to the app or integrate with Flikr / Picasa galleries. All your social media, in one place.

Digital Marketing & PUSH Messages

With an app you have the power to do what no flyer or advertisement can do – send a message directly to your customers phone. We put no limit on the number or frequency of PUSH messages you send so you can reach an unlimited number of customers for free. You can even decide where the message gets sent (via location-based messaging). Tell you customers about your latest offers, discounts or even “happy hour – now on!”.

ZERO Technical Skills Required

With a control panel thats as easy to use as Facebook, you can control all the content and every pixel of your app from anywhere! Absolutely ZERO programming knowledge is required. Add a new tab to your app in under 2 minutes and then update your content as you wish. Easy and Quick.